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speak for themselves

More and more joiners and carpenters are using the Furniture Planner PRO from EGGER inside. For many, it is the necessary step into the digital future: The Furniture Planner PRO is the access gate to the online market and supports the development of new target groups.

We visited our satisfied users and let them report on their motivations and experiences.

Personal and digital:

New customers, more orders and yet more time

Schreinerei Mayr

Master carpenter Andreas Mayr has founded his own brand - "Die Schrankbuam" - for the online Furniture Planner.

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Tischlerei Lidauer

Tischlerei Lidauer from Scharnstein in Austria has created an independent online service called "Mein Schrankteam".

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Tischlerei Böck

Philipp Böck is master carpenter in Dülmen and one of the first users of the online Furniture Planner from EGGER inside.

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Tischlerei Baumgartner

For Claudia Baumgartner-Lenz, Tischlerei Baumgartner in Obdach, it is important to keep up with the times.

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Schreinerei Oliver Gorr

"I am convinced that in the future, the digital path will be the most important in customer service..."

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Schreinerei Pogner

"A carpenter can no longer do without a digital presence"

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