Detailed planning steps for furniture configuration

  •  All wardrobe elements can be configured individually and adapted in width, height and layout
  • The interior fittings, e.g. shelves, coat rails and drawers, can be planned freely
  • Fronts can be configured

Free furniture configuration in a carcass library

  • In addition to the standardised furniture database, built-in cabinets, free-standing cabinets and gable cabinets can be freely planned

Individual calculation

The Furniture Planner PRO continuously determines the price of any individual furniture planned by the end customer. You can influence this calculation via:

  • Surcharges and discounts on furniture and services (such as delivery and assembly)
  • Individual sliding scales possible
  • Different discounts for projects, depending on the value  of ordered goods

Edit important data in the administration portal

  • Set fixed start values for construction details

  • Set master data (addresses, contact data)

  • Individual colour for text-boxes for Furniture Planner PRO

  • Personalised stationery

  • Storage of calculation parameters (discounts/surcharges) for services and assembly

  • Insight in customer activities

Get the optional data package
from EGGER inside
to automate your ordering process and production.

€75 per month

Ongoing monthly costs: €75 
One-time fee for set-up: €190

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