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Our marketing packages for Furniture Planner PRO and premium website

For Furniture Planner PRO and the premium website solution offered by our partner NETZCOCKTAIL, two marketing packages are available to actively support you to advertise Furniture Planner PRO.
In addition to the two packages listed below, we provide support for Furniture Planner and Furniture Planner PRO in the form of texts and an image pool. Please direct any questions to the EGGER inside Service team.

Search engine advertising (SEA/Google Ads)

Available for all Furniture Planner PRO customers:

With Google Ads, you can be found whenever potential customers search for your company, products or services on Google. We support you to set up a regional advertising campaign and offer you all-round support including creating the ads, coordinated landing pages and regular success checks (reporting).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The online marketing concept includes, for example, the creation and maintenance of a Google My Business profile.

Exclusively available for customers of the premium website solution:

With targeted SEO measures, we increase the visibility of your website in Google searches, thereby not only ensuring more visitors to your website, but also more interaction with your website visitors. So whatever you want to do online – as a joiner, you get targeted help and customised service. And therefore precisely what you need to be successful in this medium as well.

€199 per month

Google Ads advertising: €199 per month, plus click budget
Online marketing support: €199 per month

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