"When questions arise during planning, we are available with our expertise and very often win over new customers."

"With the Furniture Planner, I can play out my expertise personally and digitally."

For Claudia Baumgartner-Lenz, owner of Tischlerei Baumgartner in Obdach, it is important to keep up with the times.

"More and more people are exploring new furniture trends at their leisure time and from home. They start to plan by themselves for the time being. We offer them this opportunity with the Furniture Planner."

Time and resources used in the best way

Another reason to choose the Furniture Planner PRO

for Claudia Baumgartner-Lenz was to increase the efficiency of the machines. "We want to optimally utilise the board cutting, edging system and CNC machine and at the same time use our resources as effectively as possible," Baumgartner-Lenz sums it up.